Thursday, December 3, 2009



Welcome to the Boston Fashion House blog Site!

Boston Fashion House has been in business since 2000 and has been an eBay trading assistant since the program's inception. (Please click the link at the bottom of this blog to read about the Trading Assistant Program!) We specialize in designer clothing, accessories and shoes. We accept mall labels all the way up to couture labels. The condition should be well pressed and not too worn. A good indication of items that would be best suited to donate versus sell is if there is pilling and fading. Approximately 18,000 "ebayers" view our eBay store monthly so the turnover rate on consigned merchandise is higher than a normal brick and mortar consignment shop in your local downtown. Another point that sets us apart is since we have a high turnover your items are more than likely going to sell at the full value we originally list them at ad wont sit in the the clearance section of a mom and pop consignment store! Also, we have a worldwide clientele so there is no such thing as seasonal items at Boston Fashion House. Right now it could be snowing in Maine and sunny in Southern California so all items are welcome regardless of the season!

The terms are cut and dry, you receive 50% of the final sale price, all marketing, shipping fees, Internet fees, storage etc are on us .. no fine print!

Please take a moment to visit our two websites ; and

If you are interested please contact us asap either by email: or by phone: 978-551-1116

I am a Trading Assistant on eBay

I am a Trading Assistant - I can sell your stuff on eBay!